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secure and simple file server Mar 27 2013 07:27PM
Peter Odigie (peterquid gmail com) (2 replies)
Re: secure and simple file server Mar 29 2013 10:44AM
ugochukwu egerue gmail com
Re: secure and simple file server Mar 29 2013 09:57AM
Ansgar Wiechers (bugtraq planetcobalt net)
On 2013-03-27 Peter Odigie wrote:
> I have been asked to set up a file server on a windows OS not using
> any active directory stuff. Just a simple file sharing stuff in which:
> Person A will be the only one to put a file into Folder A but will
> also be able to get files from Folder B & C. And the same will hold
> for person B and person C - a folder can only be edited by a
> particular person/group but all can access and get files from it.
> My question is how will one implement this securely, making sure
> person B cannot edit files in folder A for example.

File system permissions:
Grant read access on the parent folder to "Authenticated Users" or
"Everyone", and have the subfolders inherit that ACL. Grant full control
on each immediate child folder to just the user who is supposed to be
able to write to it.

Share permissions:
Share the parent folder and grant full control to "Authenticated Users"
or "Everyone". Actual access is controled by file system permissions
anyway, so this setting only has marginal impact on security.

The above can be achieved with both Windows or Samba. On Windows I'd
suggest to also enable access-based enumeration, so that a user will
only see files/folders he can actually access.

Note that without an AD you'll need to create all users on the file

Ansgar Wiechers
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