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Safety of using Bluetooth/IR keyboard Aug 02 2013 05:21AM
Syn Ack (synackackack gmail com)
Hi list,

My question is about the safety of using Bluetooth/IR keyboards. I
currently have two keyboards hooked up to my PC, a wired PS/2 keyboard
and a Bluetooth keyboard. The wired PS/2 keyboard sole purpose is for
typing passwords.

I am wondering whether this is a valid concern or not, the likeliness
of this type of attack being used. I've not read any cases of this
attack being used and do not hear much at all about Bluetooth keyboard
sniffing. Maybe I haven't researched extensively enough.

Perhaps it is less of an issue in a house but given the example of an
apartment block, I would imagine this risk is much more valid. Are the
signals of a Bluetooth keyboard encrypted, or if you could build a
replica receiver, would it be trivial to 'sniff' the keyboard?

I have only heard of one application, keyriki [1].

[1] -


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