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> what if it is somewhere in the match is
actually somewhere in the middle of the chain, and since we aren't storing it we don't find it.

When you calculate a chain from the given hash you will eventually generate the one which is at the end of that chain, which you have stored. When you find that end of chain, you know on which chain the password lies. Since you also stored the corresponding start of chain, so you can recalculate the chain from the start to the position just before your hash and get the password.

If your chains are 10'000 hashes long you save 5000 times on memory by just storing the first and last elements of that chain.

The longer the chains the more you gain on memory but the more work you will have to recalculate the chains, hence the term time-memory trade-off

Windows still uses unsalted hashes. GSM and SIM-cards can be broken with rainbow tables.


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