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nmap smb-brute questions Sep 17 2013 01:31AM
ToddAndMargo (ToddAndMargo zoho com) (1 replies)
Re: nmap smb-brute questions Sep 17 2013 09:17AM
Ansgar Wiechers (bugtraq planetcobalt net) (1 replies)
On 2013-09-16 ToddAndMargo wrote:
> When I look at my /etc/services, I get the following smb
> services:
> netbios-ns 137/tcp # NETBIOS Name Service
> netbios-ns 137/udp
> netbios-dgm 138/tcp # NETBIOS Datagram Service
> netbios-dgm 138/udp
> netbios-ssn 139/tcp # NETBIOS session service
> netbios-ssn 139/udp
> microsoft-ds 445/tcp
> microsoft-ds 445/udp
> Question 1): Why is the example only checking UDP:137,
> and TCP:139? Ports 137,138,139,445 are all using both
> UDP and TCP according to /etc/services. Is the example
> not meant to be a good example?

AFAIK was IANA practice to assign UDP and TCP port number for a service,
regardless of which of the two protocols it actually used. NetBIOS does
not use 137/tcp and 139/udp, so it'd be pointless to scan those ports.

> On the following command, I also get back:
> # nmap --script smb-brute.nse -p 137,138,139,445
> ...
> Host script results:
> | smb-brute:
> | administrator:<blank> => Valid credentials, account disabled
> |_ guest:<blank> => Valid credentials, account disabled
> Question 4): does the "Valid credentials, account disabled" mean
> the script could not break in?


Ansgar Wiechers
"All vulnerabilities deserve a public fear period prior to patches
becoming available."
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Re: nmap smb-brute questions Sep 23 2013 10:40PM
ToddAndMargo (ToddAndMargo zoho com)


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