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UDP question Oct 08 2013 01:10AM
ToddAndMargo (ToddAndMargo zoho com)
Hi All,

I have been reading In the
section on UDP, he states:

UDP Scanning is not usually useful for most types of attack,
but it can reveal information about services or trojans which
rely on UDP, for example SNMP, NFS, the Back Orifice trojan
backdoor and many other exploitable services.

Most modern services utilise TCP, and thus UDP scanning is
not usually included in a pre-attack information gathering
exercise unless a TCP scan or other sources indicate that
it would be worth the time taken to perform a UDP scan.

I am a bit confused:

1) "unless a TCP scan or other sources indicate". Okay.
How would a UDP port that was open give you any indication
that it was open with a TCP scan?

2) "for example SNMP, NFS, the Back Orifice Trojan backdoor".
Is he talking about a compromised system or a system with
a bunch of poorly thought out services running on it?

3) It is my understanding, that the malicious programs on
a compromised system do not act as a server, meaning they
do not open ports. As I understand it, they communicate
with their evil puppet masters by establishing out going
connections to avoid the firewall. They same way I avoid
firewalls with Go To Assist. Am I wrong here?

Many thanks,

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