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Re: msf > use auxiliary/scanner/vnc/vnc_login Nov 01 2013 09:30PM
ToddAndMargo (ToddAndMargo zoho com)
On 11/01/2013 01:38 PM, Eric Schultz wrote:
> The module is not an exploit.

I got the "exploit" from "Metasploit". I read somewhere
in the documentation that Metasploit tries to break in
and install some harmless code to prove a point.

Of course, each module will be different.

> Its a scanner for valid
> username/passwords. The hopeful out put will look like this:
> [+], VNC server password : "s3cr3t"
> If you do not see that message, and you are returned to the msfconole
> prompt (msf auxiliary(vnc_login) >), then no valid credentials were
> discovered.

Never returned to the console.

> If the VNC server is not properly working, perhaps you've locked an
> account out, or there was an unrelated event on the server that caused
> a change. If there are a bunch of port changes, it sounds like an
> administrator

That would be me and I didn't change anything.

> made some changes, as the tool is not responsible for
> the opening/closing of ports.

Next test, I going to log in with Go To Assist Express, as well as Open
VPN so I can see what is happening on the target.

> My advice to you would be to slow down and read some documentation
> before you proceed,

That is what I was doing at
I read something; I try something.

> as it seems you dont even know the epected output
> of the module. Please ask if you're still confused about anything.

The reason why I went after VNC was that I have it open. Everything
else is closed (except Open VPN).

Thank you for the help.


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