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Re: msf > use auxiliary/scanner/vnc/vnc_login Nov 02 2013 06:12AM
ToddAndMargo (ToddAndMargo zoho com) (1 replies)
On 11/01/2013 11:04 PM, Ivan Carlos wrote:
> Try doing it in a lab (using virtual machines) and using a vulnerable
> VNC server.
> Ivan Carlos
> CISO, Consultant
> +55 (11) 98112-0666
> <>

I have been. Both live and VMs.

By the way, none of the exploits work. And they are there:
# find / -iname \*psexec\*



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Re: msf > use auxiliary/scanner/vnc/vnc_login Nov 04 2013 02:31PM
Eric Schultz (fire0088 gmail com) (1 replies)
Re: msf > use auxiliary/scanner/vnc/vnc_login Nov 05 2013 01:03AM
ToddAndMargo (ToddAndMargo zoho com)


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