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cloud back up Jan 17 2014 02:37PM
Peter Odigie (peterquid gmail com) (5 replies)
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JB JB (box500 inbox com)
RE: cloud back up Jan 20 2014 03:20PM
Dimitrios Hilton (dhilton theitguy us)
RE: cloud back up Jan 20 2014 01:44PM
Dimitris Siafarikas (jimsiaf91 hotmail com)
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Re: cloud back up Jan 20 2014 01:22PM
Matthew Caron (Matt Caron redlion net)
On 01/17/2014 09:37 AM, Peter Odigie wrote:
> Hello all!
> Please, I will like a recommendation for a security conscious cloud
> back up service. Also, one that I can easily migrate from when I want
> to.

I've found most backup providers to be too expensive. I have about 2TB
of data to be backed up, so I just do two hard drives, one in an onsite
fireproof safe and another offsite (friend's house, safe deposit box, etc.)

You also might consider setting up a cheap box at a friend's house, and
having your friend do the same.

If you don't have all that much data to back up, you could just use a
USB stick that you carry around in your pocket.

But, to more directly answer your question, I set up my own, hosting
through linode (, and then you can set up
whatever services you want (I'm partial to Rsync).
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