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Guys, thanks a lot for your replies. I appreciate that.

When I say small Org, I meant geographically and the number of employees within the Org. The turnover is humongous. As I said in the earlier posts, a delay/ latency in a millisecond counts when transactions take place (transactions = bread & butter of the Org).

With the replies that I got so far suggests (well, what I understood so far)that having an In-House Anti-DDoS appliance isn't going to provide an edge and there is little we can do on the box when the attack actually happens. The boxes at ISP level are more robust and can handle the situation at their level.

Am I missing any point (technical) here? Is there anything wherein ISP may fail and if the attack should happen we are in position to handle it at the next layer? We do not have a budget constrain, provided we have a solid justification on why an in-house mechanism for DDoS protection.



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