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Fake Security Certificate Jul 04 2014 06:15AM
Muhammad Saqib (devj nullj gmail com) (2 replies)
Re: Fake Security Certificate Jul 04 2014 05:23PM
Security Admin (security planetkips nl)
Actually, the one you should ask, is your helpdesk or sysadmin.

Op 4 jul. 2014, om 08:15 heeft Muhammad Saqib <devj.nullj (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]> het volgende geschreven:

> Hello All
> I am in a little bit of fix relating to security of my office email
> and thought to seek advice of community here.
> I work in a small company and our office email is hosted on Google. A
> few days ago, I tried to change the password of my email and instead
> of opening the usual Google page for password change, it redirected me
> to and my browser told me that the
> security certificate of this webpage cannot be trusted. nslookup
> revealed that this webpage is
> indeed hosted by the server managed by our system administrator.
> Obviously, the password change link in the Google mail has been
> redirected to this webpage by our system administrator who is also
> responsible for managing and hosting of office email on Google and has
> the rights to edit such information.
> I would like to ask:
> 1. Is this something which I should ignore and continue with my email
> as earlier?
> 2. One possible reason for system administrator to do this could be
> enabling single sign on service for the users i.e. same password for
> email and the domain log on on office computers. By collecting the
> password from the email, the system admin can save the same password
> for domain log on. However, is this excuse good enough to allow for
> such practice?
> 3. Even if it is being used for single sign on, isn't there any way
> that an application using a trusted certificate can be used for this
> purpose?
> I would greatly appreciate your expert opinion on this.
> Regards
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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RE: Fake Security Certificate Jul 04 2014 03:37PM
Dennis E. Hamilton (dennis hamilton acm org) (1 replies)
Re: Fake Security Certificate Jul 08 2014 07:51AM
Muhammad Saqib (devj nullj gmail com)


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