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Analyzing the Biggest Bank Robbery in History Jul 12 2011 11:30AM
Pete Herzog (lists isecom org)

"I was at a cafe in Bern, Switzerland last year to meet with two other
ISECOMers: Nick Mayencourt, a Board Director and Philipp Egli an
ISECOM trainer and the talk turned to robbing banks. That's not
uncommon because Switzerland is very big on banking and also very big
on security, especially the OSSTMM. So with the biggest diamond heist
of the last century in the news again, you may have seen the movie
based on it called Ocean's Eleven, we took a look at the case through
the eyes of an OSSTMM Analyst. This is how it went."



Pete Herzog - Managing Director - pete (at) isecom (dot) org [email concealed]
ISECOM - Institute for Security and Open Methodologies
www.isecom.org - www.osstmm.org
www.hackerhighschool.org - www.badpeopleproject.org

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