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Agnitio Security Code Review Tool v2.1 released Oct 24 2011 09:06AM
David Rook (david a rook gmail com)

I've released an update to Agnitio which I hope will help people
carryout security focused code reviews and find vulnerabilities in the
source code they are reviewing.

The major changes in v2.1 are listed below:

1) Windows x64 support

2) Automatically decompile Android .apk application to easily analyse
the apps source code

3) Application profiles now have an application type of either web or
mobile which allows only relevant checklist items to be displayed
during the security code review

4) Create new checklist questions and mark them as web or mobile

5) C# and Java rules from the OWASP Code Crawler project have been
imported into the Agnitio database and linked to relevant checklist

Plus lots of small user requested changes.

For more information on the changes in this release please visit this page:


You can download Agnitio v2.1 here:


Let me know what you think of it!


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