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Re: outlook web access authentication Oct 26 2011 12:31PM
Neil McAllister (neilmca2011 gmail com)

I think its critical to secure outward facing applications such as OWA, or
sharepoint! We used deepnet security dualshield to lock down all our IIS7
applications as well terminal services, rdp and vpn connections etc. I would
recommend deepnet security. Their dualshield platform will secure OWA,
Sharepoint, terminal services, VPN's, RDP,s windows and mac logons, Linux
Mac , WIndows etc all citrix products, cisco, 2x web connect, apache IIS6 &
IIS7 windows logon etc with two factor authentication using hard and
software tokens and biometrics etc. check out their website I think they
offer the most comprehensive range of 2fa products around
http://www.deepnetsecurity.com What I like about their product is the range
of authentication methods, its way cheaper than RSA for example and is a
unified platform for securing the entire range of IT functions and systems.
I found products like RSA are dated and have been hacked and other solutions
dont cover the entire range of corporate products like securing both citirx
and cisco and internal logons etc. deepnet security
(http://www.deepnetsecurity.com) secure all the products so you have a one
stop solution and not countless little islands of stand alone solutions
http://www.deepnetsecurity.com I would say your current methods are too
complex, simply get basic sharepoint working then use a good third party
product like deepnet to secure everything

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