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Re: Apache Killer - take 2? Jan 23 2012 02:02PM
Damiano Bolzoni (damiano bolzoni utwente nl)
On 1/23/12 2:40 PM, Anestis Bechtsoudis wrote:

> Apache byte-range killer use many small byte-range chunks in a single
> request. So no, your attached request is not related to such an attack.

You are right, I didn't write it down properly...what I meant is
"doesn't it look like a clumsy way to exhaust resources (due to the +inf
number that should result from 1024/-1)".

> At latest Apache stable release (2.2.21) -1 is not a valid
> entity-length,

Perhaps another web server is vulnerable? This kind of "checks" are
usually performed randomly by scanners...

It just really weird that a client sends that header value, I searched
around but couldn't find any other example...


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