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Re: Directory Scanner Feb 08 2012 09:11AM
Alexander Pick (acpi mac com)
Another idea is to proxy your download URLs through a script and hide the real files outside the web root.

If you do it in PHP it's pretty simple (header + read file + bit security). Just make sure to make the script secure in terms of directory transversal etc., many people hide their downloads for security and create even bigger holes with bad scripts.
You can also add all sort of attack detection to it, like recording the hit count of an IP to it and auto locking the downloads after a certain amount.

Hope this helps.


> A question:
> Given a website URL like the below :
> http://www.companywebsite.com/resources/resources/whitepapers/document_1
> http://www.companywebsite.com/resources/resources/whitepapers/document_a
> How can I protect somebody from enumerating the list of file on this
> "whitepapers" directory ? What tool can I use to make sure that I am
> adequately protected against this ?
> Cheers
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