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RE: WASC Announcement: Static Analysis Technologies Evaluation Criteria Published May 16 2013 04:30PM
Debasis Mohanty (dm mailinglists gmail com)
Good initiative! I feel one of the important element that is missing is the
"scoring mechanism". Based on what would you distinguish one product from
the other?

I created similar evaluation criteria nearly 7-8 years back for evaluating
SCA products using a QFD. That was the time I was introduced to 6-sigma and
thought a QFD is a best approach to have appropriate scoring for various
pilot parameters. However I never released it to the public. The reason was,
I wanted to make it a part of one of my secure SDLC initiative called
(OSFSS) - www.coffeeandsecurity.com which got delayed for several reasons.
Now since the cat is out, here is the SCA Pilot QFD
http://www.coffeeandsecurity.com/resources/osfss/docs/SCA_QFDv0.1.pdf . The
document is not complete yet and need to be updated. But the document does
cover various parameters based on which an effective pilot could be done.


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Subject: WASC Announcement: Static Analysis Technologies Evaluation Criteria

The Web Application Security Consortium (WASC) is pleased to announce the
Static Analysis Technologies Evaluation Criteria. The goal of the SATEC
project is to create a vendor-neutral set of criteria to help guide
application security professionals during the process of acquiring a static
code analysis technology that is intended to be used during source-code
driven security programs. This document provides a comprehensive list of
criteria that should be considered during the evaluation process. WASC
Static Analysis Technologies Evaluation Criteria

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