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Fwd: Top 5 Reasons to Implement Threat Modeling Jun 28 2013 03:49PM
Reef Dsouza (reeftim gmail com)
Hi AppSec Ninjas,

As always, the Verizon Data Breach report highlighted some interesting
stats on attacks and breaches over the last year. And, no surprise
that hacking accounts for a high chunk of those attack vectors, with
SQL Injection still prominent.

In order to build software securely, we cannot stress enough the
importance of proactively threat modeling applications and we?ve
identified 5 of the top reasons to do so. Avoiding a single breach is
a good enough reason alone to implement threat modeling but hey, for
you skeptics out there, we've compiled a handful of other key
considerations as well.

Here's the blog post: http://myappsecurity.com/5-reasons-threat-modeling/

Please take a look ? any and all feedback is welcome!

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Reef Dsouza

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