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OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework v4 Released Aug 01 2013 01:03PM
Ajin Abraham (ajin25 gmail com)
Hi all,

I just released version 4 of OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework.

Have a look at:

OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework is an advanced Cross Site
Scripting (XSS) vulnerability detection and exploitation framework. It
provides Zero False Positive scan results with its unique Triple
Browser Engine (Trident, WebKit, and Gecko) embedded scanner. It is
claimed to have the world?s 2nd largest XSS Payloads of about 1500+
distinctive XSS Payloads for effective XSS vulnerability detection and
WAF Bypass. It is incorporated with a feature rich Information
Gathering module for target Reconnaissance. The Exploit Framework
includes highly offensive XSS exploitation modules for Penetration
Testing and Proof of Concept creation.

Share your valuable suggestions and comments. If anybody is willing to
work with me in this project, just ping me back.


Ajin Abraham
Information Security Enthusiast.

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