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ImmuniWeb® Self-Fuzzer Oct 02 2013 08:47PM
ImmuniWeb® Self-Fuzzer (self-fuzzer htbridge com)
ImmuniWeb® Self-Fuzzer is a simple Firefox browser extension designed to
detect Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection vulnerabilities in
web applications.

It demonstrates how rapidly and easily these two most common types of
web vulnerabilities can be found even by a person who is not familiar
with web security.

ImmuniWeb® Self-Fuzzer is not a web application security scanner or
crawler, but a real-time web fuzzer. Once being activated by user in his
browser, it carefully follows userâ??s HTTP requests and fuzzes them in
real time, carefully checking all HTTP parameters passed within the
requests. Results of fuzzing are also displayed in real-time, notifying
user immediately upon vulnerability detection.

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