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Ebay, Inc Bug Bounty - GoStoreGo Administrative Authentication Bypass to all online stores Feb 12 2014 08:36PM
Mark Litchfield (mark securatary com)
This attack allowed for a cross store (so essentially unauthenticated,
as we have not authenticated to our target store) privilege escalation
attack creating an administrative user on any *.gostorego.com store.

As indicated by their own website, there are over 200,000 active
stores.This attack allows access to 200,000 x Customers x data = Y.Due
to the nature of the attack, it would trivial to automate an attack that
would give us an administrative account on each of these stores with a
single GET request !!Or you could simply have a great shopping
experience.Google search site:gostorego.com, find the items you want to
purchase.Create you admin account (or use stealth mode so all attacks
are logged as the Store Owner), change the price then buy it or simply
give yourself some store credit.

This vulnerability was reported to the eBay Enterprise Bug Bounty team on Sunday 9^th February 2014.

They and the Magento engineering team put out a fix for this issue extremely quickly. So pats on the back all around are deserved. I tested the issue and tried a few work arounds, but the fix holds good. So I want to say a big thanks to them.

Full issue with screen shots can be found at http://www.securatary.com within the vulnerabilities section.

All the best

Mark Litchfield

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