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Shameless plug: OWASP Board Elections Oct 21 2014 02:46AM
Andrew van der Stock (vanderaj greebo net) (1 replies)
Hi there,

Apologies for complete self interest where the list admin (me) pushes
a personal interest (OWASP). However, I believe the Open Web
Application Security Project is on topic for the web application
security mail list, and I wouldn't normally do it (you can check -
I've been moderator since 2004), but it's important.

Beyond the plug below - I am very interested in ways we can revitalise
this list. I don't know about you, but getting CFPs and not much else
is getting old. Please reply and discuss how we might achieve that,
because the list has become pretty moribund.

Shameless plug-a-rama:

Full disclosure: not only is OWASP a long standing personal interest
of mine, I'm
also standing for the Board. That said, I'm not asking you to vote for
me (although that would be lovely!), I *am* asking you to vote if you
are an OWASP member!

For those list members who are also OWASP members, please be aware
that there was a technical issue in relation to expired members not
getting a renewal notice, and thus not getting a ballot to vote. That
issue should be resolved now. You have until the 24th to renew and
then vote. More details:


The election has been extended to October 31 for all electors to cope
with renewals and then give you time to make an informed vote.

Please review the candidate interviews, and then place your vote.
HIstorically, our elections have been not representative of the OWASP
global membership as for whatever reason, members outside of the US
chose not to vote as often as OWASP US members. Let's get out the

Look through these interviews, work out who are your favorite three
candidates, and vote for OWASP's future!


End shameless plug


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Re: Shameless plug: OWASP Board Elections Oct 21 2014 04:01PM
Robin Wood (robin digi ninja) (1 replies)
Re: Shameless plug: OWASP Board Elections Oct 22 2014 01:16AM
maestro (7h3 m43s7r0 gmail com)


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