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Administrivia: Trouble Ticket Systems subscribing to this list and unsubscribe requests Oct 23 2014 04:20AM
Andrew van der Stock (vanderaj greebo net)
Hi there,

I have become aware of a number of you subscribing trouble ticketing
systems to this mail list. Robin (@digininja) has managed to find
someone to start helping us.

I will - with some luck - be getting access to the admin panel, and if
that happens, I will be unsubscribing any trouble ticketing systems
subscribed to this list. You may not realise this, but it creates a
lot of workload everytime I get messages about waiting for customer
support to answer queries.

If you want to have our mail list in your e-mail archive, you will
need to do it differently.


In other news, I've had a flurry of unsubscribe requests. I've only
processed those who actually asked me for that information. Everyone
has received information on unsubscribing because it was fast becoming
a FAQ that I don't have time to deal with.

So if you want to stay, most excellent! You will not be unsubscribed
... unless you are a trouble ticketing system.


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