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RE: concurrent logins Nov 19 2014 01:32PM
Martin O'Neal (martin oneal corsaire com) (1 replies)
Re: concurrent logins Nov 19 2014 01:53PM
Robin Wood (robin digi ninja)
In theory I like the idea of reporting to the user that the account is
already in use but just think in practice it will be like the broken
SSL cert warning, people just click through it. Maybe not as much in
corporate environments but for home users you'd have to come up with
some very good copy to go in the popup so they understood it.

Some way to audit it and a good way to detect anomalies would be good,
I've not looked but wonder if there are any good libraries available
for it as I doubt most companies will have the development time or
skill to create something that does it well.

Feels like another case of real world vs ideal world.

The reason I was asking is a report template I'm using highlights it
as an issue but I would only likely mention it for a mission critical
app where they already have plenty of other protections in place and
this would add a nice extra.


On 19 November 2014 13:32, Martin O'Neal <martin.oneal (at) corsaire (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:
> For us, this is mostly about context. For all sites, some mechanism to report multiple logins back to the user is important for transparency, as is an audit trail entry.
> But actually enforcing a single login is only really relevant to applications containing sensitive data.
> Martin...
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