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Re: concurrent logins Nov 24 2014 08:03AM
Stephen de Vries (stephen continuumsecurity net) (1 replies)
> The reason I was thinking about this is the thing I was reading was
> suggesting to prevent session hijacking that concurrent logins should
> not be allowed, 2FA stops actual logins but not hijacks.

Session hijacking is only possible after some other vulnerability in the site is exploited, e.g. XSS, or lack of HTTPS. So I would first focus the effort into countermeasures for those vulnerabilities and only afterwards start thinking about secondary countermeasures against session hijacking itself.
A countermeasure not yet mentioned is to authenticate specific high risk requests with a password, or PIN. E.g. when initiating a transaction like funds transfer/payment/password change, you could require the user to re-enter the password so that that specific request is authenticated.


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Re: concurrent logins Nov 24 2014 10:37AM
Robin Wood (robin digi ninja)


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