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SpiderFoot 2.3.0 released Feb 11 2015 11:30PM
Steve Micallef (steve binarypool com)
Hi all,

SpiderFoot 2.3.0 is now available, and includes a ton of new
functionality since 2.1.4 was last announced here. SpiderFoot is an open
source intelligence gathering / reconnaissance tool utilising over 40
data sources and methods, all driven through a snappy web UI.

Here's what's new since 2.1.4..
- Footprint an IP address, entire subnet, domain name or hostname
- Simultaneous scans
- Searching/filtering of results
- Data visualisation improvements
- New module: AdBlock checker
- New module: Stale file finder
- New module: Common error message grepper (PHP, SQL, ...)
- Additional malicious IP/domain data sources integrated
- Loads of bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements

Feel free to mail me any questions, enhancement requests or general

Website incl. screenshots: http://www.spiderfoot.net
GitHub: https://github.com/smicallef/spiderfoot
Twitter: https://twitter.com/binarypool



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