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SpiderFoot 2.5.0 released Aug 02 2015 08:20PM
Steve Micallef (steve binarypool com)
Hi all,

SpiderFoot 2.5.0 is now available, with more modules, added
functionality and bug fixes since 2.3.0 was last announced on this list.
SpiderFoot is an open source intelligence gathering / reconnaissance
tool utilising over 40 data sources and methods, all driven through a
snappy web UI.

Here's what's new since 2.3.0..
- *8* new modules:
- Darkweb search (Onion.city)
- DuckDuckGo
- Wayback Machine (archive.org)
- Whois
- PGP Key lookup
- HaveIBeenPwned?
- 200 social media site account checker
- GitHub repo search
- Integration with Tor for anonymised scanning
- Image meta data extraction
- Built-in visualisations (check the gallery for examples!)
- GEXF export for visualisation in third-party tools like Gephi
- UI enhancements for better management of scans in bulk, repeating
and cloning scans
- Bunch of bug fixes and minor enhancements
- User manual: http://www.spiderfoot.net/documentation/

Feel free to mail me any questions, enhancement requests or general

Website incl. screenshots and docs: http://www.spiderfoot.net
GitHub: https://github.com/smicallef/spiderfoot
Twitter: https://twitter.com/binarypool



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