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Invitation to X0RC0NF Security Conference 2015 Oct 11 2015 03:15PM
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Hello there,

We are inviting you to X0RC0NF Security Conference 2015 Kochi. X0RC0NF is an annual international security conference conducted in God's Own Country, Kerala. It is a platform for security researchers, hackers, enthusiasts, professionals and students. We promote security research and provide deep technical trainings on various security domains, and provide a platform for Computer Security Enthusiast to meet, network and share their knowledge.

We provide cutting edge technical talks and trainings.
Venue: Hotel Travancore Court
Date: 18th October

Few of the Talks
* A Surprise Talk on APT by Rahul Sasi
* A Pentester's Methodology To Discover, Automate And Exploit Windows Privilege Escalation Flaws by Riyaz Walikar
* Anatomizing Online Payments Systems: Hack To Shop by Abhinav Mishra
* Popping Shells In Droid by Anto Joseph

Check the complete list of Talks: https://xorconf.com/schedule.html
Register for the conference here: https://xorconf.com/register.html

X0RC0NF Trainings
Venue: PGS Vedanta
Date: 17th October

We have two deep technical trainings at X0RC0NF.

* Web Application Security and Exploitation by Ajin Abraham and Francis Alexander
* Hardware/IoT Security and Exploitation by Yashin Mehaboobe

More details: https://xorconf.com/training.html

See you at Gods own Country!


Team X0RC0NF
+91 9947189719

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