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Make room for faraday v1.0.17! New #maltego & #arachni plugins & more! Feb 26 2016 07:55PM
Francisco Amato (famato infobytesec com)
The first of many releases in 2016, Faraday v.1.0.17 (Community, Pro &
Corp) introduces a new Maltego Plugin, support for Mint 17 and Kali
Rolling, and several fixes including installation issues.

New Maltego Plugin

Added support for Kali Rolling Edition
Added support for Mint 17
Added user notification when the current Workspace doesn't exist

Added removeBySeverity.py script - as its name describes, it removes
all vulns with a specific severity value.
It supports the following parameters:
-v extended output
-t dry-run, won't connect to DB
-s severity to filter by, required
-d workspace, required
python $FARADAY/helpers/removeBySeverity.py -d WORKSPACE_NAME -s SEVERITY -v

Bug fixes:
Fixed bug in pip Debian
Fixed pip install bug
Checks additionals about dependencies in installation
Warning about a upgrade to experimental in debian installation
Fixed small bug in CSV importing
Fixed styles for Status Report
Fixed bug on Status Report filter after editing
Show all evidence files in Status Report
Fixed Arachni Plugin bugs

We hope you enjoy it, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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