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Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) v0.9.2 Released May 03 2016 07:53AM
Ajin Abraham (ajin25 gmail com)
Hey Folks,

Happy to release MobSF v0.9.2

About MobSF

Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) is an intelligent, all-in-one open
source mobile application (Android/iOS) automated pen-testing
framework capable of performing static and dynamic analysis. It can be
used for effective and fast security analysis of Android and iOS
Applications and supports both binaries (APK & IPA) and zipped source
code. MobSF can also perform Web API Security testing with it's API
Fuzzer that can do Information Gathering, analyze Security Headers,
identify Mobile API specific vulnerabilities like XXE, SSRF, Path
Traversal, IDOR, and other logical issues related to Session and API
Rate Limiting.

What's New in v0.9.2

* Drag and Drop support, allows upto 8 files in Web GUI
* Mass Static Analysis - Mass static analysis on a directory of app
binaries or zipped source code
* Domain Malware check
* Added Google Enjarify
* Added procyon decompiler
* Allows user to skip inbuilt android classes. (Performance improvement ~ 20%)
* Android Code signing certificate check
* Detect hardcoded Keystores
* Static Analyzer rules updated for Android and iOS
* Better Android Manifest analysis rule set
* Dynamic Analysis - Runtime Base64 decoding
* Support for Home Directory - Move all user created files and
settings to Home directory

Read more about the new features:

Download v0.9.2:

GitHub Page: https://github.com/ajinabraham/Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF/
Documentation: https://github.com/ajinabraham/Mobile-Security-Framework-MobSF/wiki/1.-D


Ajin Abraham,
Security Enthusiast,
Bangalore, India

Linkedin: https://in.linkedin.com/in/ajinabraham
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajinabraham
Web: http://opensecurity.in | https://opsecx.com

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