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Give a warm welcome to Faraday v1.0.19! New GTK interface, Custom Reports & Bug fixing May 05 2016 12:30PM
Francisco Amato (famato infobytesec com)
Faraday v1.0.19 is ready! More documentation, a new interface and
plugin fixes are some of the improvements included in this version.

Continuing with our efforts to make Faraday accessible to everyone we
stopped the development and spent a few days improving our
documentation, so feel free to take a look at it and let us know if
you feel something is missing!

It shouldn't come as a surprise that our QT interface will be
deprecated during 2016. As a first step towards its replacement we
started building a brand new GTK3 interface! This new, modernized look
for Faraday improves how you see and interact with the information.
Also, it allows Mac users to finally use the desktop application
smoothly and without complications.

At the moment, the GTK interface supports all of the most common
operations in Faraday: you can create, change and delete workspaces,
connect to CouchDB databases, view and change plugin settings. Of
course you also have tabs and notifications, just as before (only

But the best part is that this new GUI uses your zsh shell, this means
that you get to keep all your aliases, colors, zsh plugins and prompt.
Working with Faraday GTK feels even more like working with your own
terminal, plus all the added benefits you already use!

We are very excited to release this new interface, but we also know
the importance of stability, that's why we decided to release it as
experimental, while maintaining QT as our default interface. If you
feel like trying the new GTK GUI, just install the dependencies and
start up Faraday with the --gui=gtk flag, like this:
./faraday.py --gui=gtk
Pro & Corp changes:

Changed the way in which Executive Reports are generated adding a DOCX
template. Read more about it in:

- Added GTK3 interface prototype - a brand new interface for you to enjoy!
- Improved the documentation
- Added plugin detection through report name - if you wish to force
Faraday to process your report using a specific plugin, just rename it
adding _faraday_PLUGINNAME. For example, if you wish to use the Nmap
plugin for the report some_report.xml, rename it to
some_report_faraday_Nmap.xml. You can find a detailed list of all
available plugins in
- Added open services count to Hosts list in WEB UI - as some users
suggested, when viewing the list of all Hosts in our WEB UI it was
confusing not to know how many services each host had, so we added the
amount of services to that list.
Improved zsh integration - this means that all plugins are now
compatible with our ZSH interface, including fplugin. Read more about
Faraday plugins.
- Fixed an error in wcscan script
- Fixed nikto plugin
- Fixed openvas plugin

We hope you enjoy it, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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