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Hackademy (international dmpfrance com)
Dear List,

The Hackademy Journal is a new quarterly magazine dedicated to IT
security and "hacking". With a high technical level, this
international publication is intended for a professional audience of
programmers, system and network administrators, security specialists,
etc. who wish to understand deeply, from a hacker viewpoint, some
of the latest attacks and protection techniques.

This International Edition is in english language, and is available
worldwide by subscription. Web site:

Short table of contents of issue #1 (more detailed information is
on the web site):

* Honeypots
Honeypot Detection
Setting up a fake socks proxy
Who are the Spammers ?
Spammers' Software Arsenal

* Web security
(My)SQL Injection with PHP
Eliminating SQL Injection

* Penetration Testing
Foiling anti-buffer overflow protections
Interview with the PaX team

* Newbie Area
Remotely cracking passwords
Forensic analysis with Autopsy

* Windows userland subversion
PE header
Injecting and executing code in another process
Redirecting API calls
Practical demonstration of API hooking

Some of the techniques exposed in the magazine were not publicly known

Best Regards,

The Hackademy staff

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