(forw) Announcing Release of NIST Special Publication 800-60 Jun 14 2004 03:36PM
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June 10, 2004 --
The National Institute of Standards and Technology today published NIST
Special Publication 800-60, Guide for Mapping Types of Information and
Information Systems to Security Categories. NIST Special Publication 800-60
is one of several key documents being developed by NIST to support the
implementation of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
of 2002. The purpose of the guideline is to assist Federal government
agencies in identifying information types and information systems and
assigning impact levels for confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
Impact levels are based on the security categorization definitions in FIPS
199. Special Publication 800-60 is posted in two volumes. Volume I provides
guidelines for identifying impact levels by type and suggests management
and support information types common to multiple agencies. Volume II
includes examples of mission-based information types and suggests
provisional impact levels for both management and support and mission-based
information types. Rationale for impact level recommendations, exceptions
to recommended levels, and legislative and regulatory requirements for
protection of specific information types are also provided in Volume II.
NIST Special Publication 800-60 is available on the CSRC Special
Publications page. A complete description of the NIST FISMA Implementation
Project is also available.

URL for Special Publication 800-60 Volume I and II:

URL for the NIST FISMA Implementation Project is:

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