New Book on Information Security Management Aug 06 2004 01:11PM
Steve Purser (steveapurser yahoo com)

Just a quick message to make people aware of a new
book in the area of information security management -
"A Practical Guide to Managing Information Security",
Steve Purser, Artech House, 2004.

This is a practical book, aimed at helping managers
and technical staff implement security mechanisms and
procedures that will stand the test of time. It's all
based on personal experience and I have included
examples of where problems are often met ("warts and
all") and how they can be overcome with limited budget
and resources. In order to provide a realistic
setting, the book uses a case study approach.

For people who are more interested in the technical
side of things, there is a lot of information on how
to use simple risk analysis techniques to solve
everyday problems and a complete description of how
to design and implement a coherent security
architecture (again, all based on real-life and
everything is explained step-by-step).

I wrote this book in response to questions I have
received over the years from security professionals
who have attended courses and presentations I have
given in the past. Hopefully, it will help others
avoid the mistakes I have made in the past and from
which I have learned a lot.


Steve Purser.

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