Article Announcement - Anti-Virus Evasion Techniques and Countermeasures Dec 08 2004 06:49PM
Debasis Mohanty (mail hackingspirits com)
Hi all,
This is an announcement for the publication of one of my article called
"Anti-Virus Evasion Techniques and Countermeasures" at

This article was already released at and at the FD list
on 3rd Dec, 2004 but I had to uphold the announcement at SecurityFocus since
I was planning to make some enhancement in it but then I decided to write a
next version of this article which will have more advance techniques of AV

The objective of this article is to demonstrate different possible ways that
viruses and worms coders use to evade any Anti-Virus products while coding
malicious programs and at the same time I also explained about the
countermeasures techniques to prevent against such attacks.

This article will also try to educate various kind computer users in the
simplest way to deal with viruses and worms and defend against such
malicious attacks where the AV engine become helpless when special
techniques are used by this malicious codes to prevent detection.

Download "Anti-Virus Evasion Techniques and Countermeasures" from the
following link:

For any comments and feedback, mail me at :

debasis_mty at yahoo dot com
debasis at hackingspirits dot com

Thanks & Regards,
Debasis Mohanty

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