[logs] PacSec 2007 Agenda (Tokyo 11-29/30) Oct 22 2007 06:53AM
Dragos Ruiu (dr kyx net)
Talk selections for PacSec 2007 - November 29 and 30 - Aoyama Diamond Hall

- Programmed I/O accesses: a threat to virtual machine monitors? - Loic

- Developing Fuzzers with Peach - Michael Eddington, Leviathan Security

- Cyber Attacks Against Japan - Hiroshi Kawaguchi, LAC

- Windows Localization: Owning Asian Windows Versions - Kostya Kortchinsky,

- TOMOYO Linux - Toshiharu Harada, NTT Data

- IPV6 Demystified - Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino , IPv6Samurais

- Automated JavaScript Deobfuscation - Alex Rice, Websense Security Labs

- Enter Sandman (why you should never go to sleep) - Nicolas Ruff & Matthieu
Suiche, EADS

- Agent-oriented SQL Abuse - Fernando Russ & Diego Tiscornia, Core

- Bad Ideas: Using a JVM/CLR for Intellectual Property Protection - Marc
Schoenefeld, University of Bamberg

- Heap exploits are dead. Heap exploits remain dead. And we have killed them.
- Nicolas Waisman, Immunity

- Deploying and operating a Global Distributed Honeynet - David Watson,
Honeynet Project

- Office 0days and the people who love them - TBA, Microsoft
(I would also like to thank Colin Delaney and Stephen Ridley as standby


Final Dojo schedule will be announced shortly but will include
both English and Japanese language dojos. In English, dojos will
include: Saumil Shah's Exploit Lab, Andrea Barisani's Linux Hardening,
and the folks from Immunity doing a course on bugfinding
with the Immunity debugger. In Japanese: Yuji Ukai will be
doing a reverse engineering course, and the McAfee/Foundstone
folks will be translating their Ultimate Web Hacking course into
Japanese for the first time. Dojos will be on Nov 27/28.

Talk descriptions will be up shortly. :-)


P.s. other 2008 dates: CanSecWest March 26-28, EUSecWest May 21/22
World Security Pros. Cutting Edge Training, Tools, and Techniques
Tokyo, Japan November 29/30 - 2007 http://pacsec.jp
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