[logs] UDP/TCP load balancer recommendations Nov 20 2007 02:01AM
Steve Bernacki (loganalysis f copacetic net) (3 replies)
Re: [logs] UDP/TCP load balancer recommendations Nov 20 2007 09:37AM
Daniel San Miguel Reyero (d downby net)
On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 21:01:04 -0500, Steve Bernacki wrote

> In the past we have utilized Ultramonkey <http://www.ultramonkey.org/>
> to perform these sorts of tasks, but I'm interested in exploring
> other options both for performance and cost reasons.

Ultramonkey use Heartbeat for Hight Availability and LVS for Load Balancing.

If you are using Linux, LVS is the perfect solution for L3 Load Balancing, but
for Hight Availability you have a more clean (In my opinion) and very strong
solution using LVS+VRRP.v2 with keepalived:


With this solution you have a more simple solution than heartbeat V2 and
status monitors (you need external application with HeartBeat v1) but with
KeepAlive, you have all in one solution ( with a simple text file config ).

Other possibility for load Balancing is IPCLUSTER


But is a solution for 2 or more servers in the same VLAN (using Multicast and
connection selection algorithm ), with IPCluster you need another solution
for HA

If you like a L7 solution, you have the posibility to use a syslog server with
High availability and only redirection configuration.

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