[logs] Problem with Cisco message documentation Nov 27 2007 05:05PM
Tina Bird (tbird precision-guesswork com) (1 replies)

Hi all --

I'm not clear on where to send this question within Cisco's normal support
channels, so I'll take advantage of the various Cisco employees and VARs on
this list to try to answer my question (or give me an idea of where to
direct it).

I am making a list of PIX/ASA log messages related to administrative
activity, configuration problems, and HW/SW errors, by reading the entire
System Log Messages document. [Yes, I should get a life.]

On page 2-85 of "Cisco Security Appliance Logging Configuration and System
Log Messages (Version 7.2)", message ID %PIX|ASA-3-305005 states:

"No translation group found for protocol src
<interface_name:dest_address/dest_port> dst

ml#wp1280900 or http://tinyurl.com/32g98v

The link to the entire doc is


The message is described in the same way for the 8.0 version of the PIX/ASA

ml#wp4770941 or http://tinyurl.com/32pd5l

(with link to the entire doc at

ml ).

Shouldn't the message be

"No translation group found for protocol src
<interface_name:source_address/source_port> dst

or am I not yet sufficiently caffeinated?

An actual answer would be great; a URL or email address for questions
related to *documentation* rather than device support issues would also be
vastly useful.

thanks for any info -- tbird
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Re: [logs] Problem with Cisco message documentation Nov 27 2007 08:18PM
Tom Le (dottom gmail com)


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