[logs] Inconsistencies in Cisco PIX/ASA logs Dec 17 2007 06:56AM
Tina Bird (tbird precision-guesswork com)

Hi all --

I'm working on a survey of messages related to change management in a
variety of platforms and applications, starting with PIXes and ASAs because
firewalls are in my comfort zone. I've found a wide variety of errors in the
documentation, but no reassuring information on a Cisco point of contact
related to doc...

Any Cisco employees on the list who can introduce me to someone *working* on
this doc (most of the errors I'm finding exist in both the 7.2 and 8.0
documentation; I haven't checked farther back) would be greatly appreciated.
I've occasionally tried sending comments on the Web pages that have formage
or an email link for comments, but they've never produced any response, and
I'm far too entertained and irritated to bother with generic addresses at
this point.

The message ID with no actual message associated with it was in the lead for
most "amusing" for quite a while -- that's %PIX|ASA-3-713038 (I'm working
from the System Log Messages books*) -- but it was finally beaten by the
following two messages:

%PIX|ASA-3-713047: Unsupported Oakley group: Group //Diffie-Hellman group//

%PIX|ASA-3-713118: Detected invalid Diffie-Helmann //group_descriptor
group_number//, in //IKE area//

[double slashes indicate variable fields, shown in italics in logging

The *really* sad thing is that I have to *perpetuate* the inability to spell
Diffie-Hellman -- either correctly or consistently, if correctly *and*
consistently is not possible -- in order to match the messages...



*System Log Messages, v7.2

or http://tinyurl.com/32g98v

System Log Messages, v8.0

or http://tinyurl.com/32pd5l
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