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Fenwick, Wynn (wynn fenwick cgi com)
I would check out the following non-exhaustive list:

My PCI pointers are in scope if you are doing credit cards and the like.
My ISO 17799 pointers are based on an older version of ISO 270001.

Necessity for Existence
Enable Audit Logging (17799 §10.10.1)

External System Inputs, Process and Dependency
Link System Component Access to an Individual User (PCI §10.1)
File Integrity Checks (PCI § 11.5)

Collection Scope, Filtering and Granularity
Log Message Contents (PCI §10.3)

Supported Operational Processes
Monitoring System Use (17799 §10.10.2)
Fault Logging Activities (17799 §10.10.5)
Log Review and Scope Definition (PCI §10.6)

Administration of Collection Systems
Separation of Duties (17799 §10.1.3)
Administrator Logs and Segregation of Duties (17799 §10.10.4)

Preservation of Forensic Value
Protection of Log Information (17799 §10.10.3)
Secure Audit Trails from Alteration (PCI §10.5)
Clock Synchronization (17799 §10.10.6)
Clock Synchronization (PCI §10.3)

Retention and Storage
Collection and Retention of Logs as Evidence (17799 §10.10.4)
Retention of Logs (PCI §10.7)

Hope it helps!


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I am drafting a Log Policy for the Queensland University of Technology and was wondering if any list members have such a policy (for their organisation or employer) that they would be willing to send me, or to point me at?

If you know of a good resource, or tips on writing such a policy, please let me know :)

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