[logs] Applied Security Visualization Book is out Aug 13 2008 10:01PM
Raffael Marty (rmarty splunk com)
My book is finally done. The Applied Security Visualization book (http://secviz.org/content/applied-security-visualization-book-available

) came out last week, just in time for BlackHat.

The book is very hands-on. It teaches you how to take security data
and generate visual representations for specific use-cases that you
might be interested in. Some of the things the book talks about:

? data sources that are essential for security visualization
? graphs and techniques for visualizing data (e.g., when do you use a
line chart versus a treemap)
? assess threats to your network perimeter, as well as threats imposed
by insider
? use visualization to manage risks and compliance mandates

The book also contains DAVIX, the data analysis and visualization CD,
a live CD that contains all the visualization tools discussed in the
book, ready to go (seehttp://davix.secviz.org)


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Raffael Marty
Chief Security Strategist @ Splunk>
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