Commercial anti-honeypot tool Nov 17 2003 08:38PM
Bill McCarty (bmccarty pt-net net) (2 replies)
Hi all,

By way of a colleague, I just received word of a tool intended to identify
mail relay honeypots of the sort that some folks are deploying to detect
and harass spammers. I think this is a first: a commercial anti-honeypot

You can learn more about the tool at:
<http://www.send-safe.com/honeypot-hunter.php>. However, please be aware
that authors of spam tools are apt to include malware with each download,
so you should download and execute this software only in a safe, closed
environment. Moreover, if you choose to access the Send-Safe web site, I
suggest that you consider using an impersonal IP address, rather than one
somehow tied to your identity. In this context, anonymity is your friend


Bill McCarty

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