Doubt regarding Honeywall Oct 03 2006 03:46PM
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Hi all,
I'm configuring a little honeynet: the Honeywall and one honeypot running WinXP Pro SP2.
I have deployed the honeynet in my LAN, so the honeypot is in the same subnet of my production system.

My doubt is the following: the Walleye web interface, in the "Top 10 Honeypots" section show not only honeypot's IP address, but also IP address of some production systems.

Moreover, when I examine the connection tracked by Honeywall, I see also connections between system that are NOT the honeypot.

Is this behaviour normal?
The Honeywall are working fine?


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´ð¸´: Doubt regarding Honeywall Oct 03 2006 04:49PM
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