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Try contributing to the list first before you ask for assistance. If you cant do this on your own, needless to say you waited 5 days before the deadline, then you don't deserve a PhD.

> This is my first posting.

> This is my first posting. I am a PhD student at Nova and I needed some help finding new research topics to write about in the areas of Computer Forensics, Network Security, Information Security etc. I am new to this school and I haven't done much research before. My problem is that to me it seems that everything has been done before. I am also afraid of choosing a topic that I will not be able to write code for or build later (in two months).
> Below is the assignment:
> For those in DCIS 830, a reminder. I need for you to include in your proposal what you are planning to do. Exactly what you are planning to do. Phrases like "I plan to investigate...",
> "I will review...", and "I would like to research..." don't tell me much. Alternatively, phrases like "I will develop a prototype _____ and use data from ____ to test the effectiveness of this approach", or "I will conduct a case study of four ______ efforts and create a set of best practices from the lessons learned" are much more specific. I don't need to know your
> results (you won't have those until you've finished the work) but I do need to understand the research process that you will be following.
> Dr. C
> The objective of this exercise is to provide students with the experience of
> conducting research and writing an article on information security for
> submission to a peer reviewed journal. The project involves the submission of
> a preliminary report and the final paper.
> (Note: Topics must be approved in advance by the instructor)
> Proposal (Due October 8, 2006)
> The preliminary report should be in the form of a research plan. You must state
> the targeted journal for your manuscript. The preliminary report should follow
> the style required by the journal and address the following issues:
> 1. Problem addressed
> ??Clearly state the research problem that you plan to address.
> 2. Prior research
> ??Briefly discuss the body of literature that is used to motivate the
> research. Emphasize the shortcomings in the prior literature that
> you plan to address.
> 3. Significance
> ??Explain why you think your work makes a significant contribution
> to the field. Cite references wherever possible to establish that
> there is a consensus among researchers that the problem
> addressed in the article is indeed an important one.
> 4. Methodology
> ??Discuss the methodology you plan to use for the study. Justify the
> appropriateness of the selected methodology. Be as precise as
> you can. Identify the knowledge representation scheme and the
> search strategy where appropriate.
> Make sure that you cite all relevant articles that are referenced in your paper.
> Please submit a copy of the paper that you believe is most significant in
> motivating your work. If relevant, you may also send copies of any other
> supporting articles.
> Final Report
> This is the final manuscript that you plan to submit to the targeted journal. You
> should use the style and the format that is appropriate for the journal, (note: the
> use of the GSCIS Idea Paper format is not acceptable). A suggested guideline
> for the article is presented below. Note that this is just a suggested outline and
> that your article need not have the same structure.
> 1. Introduction
> ??Provide the necessary background and discuss the relevant
> literature to motivate the research problem that your article
> addresses.
> 2. The Problem
> ??Discuss the problem in detail and formulate it a manner that
> makes it tractable.
> 3. The Method
> ??Describe the method used to address the problem. Justify the
> approach that you have adopted.

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