Honeywall CDROM Roadmap Nov 03 2006 04:42PM
Lance Spitzner (lance honeynet org) (2 replies)

For the past couple of weeks several people have asked some good
questions about where the Honeynet Project's research is headed.
Below is a roadmap of one of our technologies, the Honeywall CDROM.
This should hopefully give you a better idea of where we are going,
and what to expect.




The Honeynet Project and Research Alliance would like to take a
moment and
give the honeypot community a roadmap of the Honeywall CDROM for the
12 to 18 months. The purpose of this is to help set expectations of
releases and functionality.

ROO 1.0
This is the current branch of Honeywall CDROM release. The latest
is HWall-1.0-189. This will be the last release of the 1.0 branch.

ROO 1.1
This is the new version we will be releasing soon. It has major bug
updated functionality, and overall far greater stability. However, as a
result of all these updates, the Honeywall 1.1 version will require a
install. In addition, this will also most likely be the last release of
the 1.x series of the Honeywall CDROM. We are doing this to focus
all of
our resources on the new 2.x branch.

ROO 2.0
This is the next generation of Honeywall functionality. Its redesigned
from the ground up for distributed capabilities. By distributed we mean
distributed deployment, management, data collection, and data analysis.
The idea is to make it as easy as possible for individuals and
organizations to deploy and support multiple honeynets on a global

ROO 2.1
This version will build on the capabilities of the 2.0 version. Instead
of focusing on data capture, control, or administration, it will
focus on
data analysis. Our goal is to make it much easier to analyze the data
honeynets collect. We also want to broaden the scope of who can use the
technology. We want to move just beyond geeks, and build a tool others
can use, such as staticians, linguists, forensic analysts, and
others. As
always, you can learn more about the Honeywall CDROM at


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