honeynet as a virtual appliance Nov 11 2006 10:45AM
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RE: honeynet as a virtual appliance Nov 11 2006 03:12PM
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George (george p123 gmail com)
On 11/11/06, ROPERT François <Francois.ROPERT (at) supinfo (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:
> Hi,
> In my opinion, it's useless, as you said it, there a ton of tutorials about
> building virtual machines and people are free to do what they want with
> their tools.
> I see no need that the honeynet project lost time with this, people like you
> by example, can already do it.
> If you look at Linux distributions, many livecd are know used with knoppix
> by many free users without the approval of a specific project.

It's not about the approval of a specific project. I belive that a
virtual appliance can help to a faster development. It's much faster
and easier to insert a new application on a virtual machine that is
allredy up then provide a rpm for roo cdrom. Also, i think bug fixing
it's also much easier.

Don't get me wrong, i believe that roo CDROM is a great project. I
just think that virtual appliances are easier to maintain and it's
easier to extend.

> Where the virtual appliance can be usefull is the theory of that users like
> debugging or find vulns in a virtual machine but I'm not conveinced you have
> to wait honeynet project to make on yourself, many tools are simply added in
> ROO honeywall by example, you can test them without a ROO installation.
> Cheers,
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> Objet: honeynet as a virtual appliance
> Hello!
> I was thinking that it wold be nice if the Honeynet wold be also
> distributed as a Virtual Appliance. VMWare player is free and there
> are a lot of tutorials on the internet about building a virtual
> machine with open source software.
> In the perspective of an open CVS, users can port honeynet
> applications on favorite Linux distribution and share it with the
> others. Also, with a virtual appliance, a lot of unexpected behavior
> of software could be removed. What do you say?
> Best regards,
> George
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