Honeysnap v1.0.3 Dec 16 2006 08:01PM
Arthur Clune (arthur honeynet org uk)

The Honeynet Project and Research Alliance are happy to announce the
release of Honeysnap 1.0.3. This version includes all the features of
1.0 plus windows support, dns decoding, full decoding of all sebek
types, improved documentation and more detailed output for all the
supported decodes. It also includes an example script to demonstrate
how to extend honeysnap.

We'd like to thank David Barroso for the DNS decoding code and all
the people who have given bug fixes, suggestions and comments on the
original release (see the CREDITS file for details).

For more details and Windows and UNIX/Linux/OSX downloads see:



Arthur Clune arthur (at) honeynet.org (dot) uk [email concealed]

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