Announcing a global view on the Internet: ATLAS Feb 06 2007 04:06PM
jose nazario (jose arbor net)
Yesterday, Arbor Networks launched the public portal for our ATLAS project,
a product of my team (ASERT) and something near and dear to my heart. As an
analyst, I have cobbled together tools and utilities for discovering what's
afoot on the Internet in near real-time for years, so a lot of my ideas and
needs went into this. ATLAS is something I use every day to investigate
incidents and gather data via packet capture, payload analysis, and
honeypots. You can find the free, public site here:


Registration isn't required, that's focusing mainly on commercial customers.
Public users get access to the portal for free, and we plan to keep it that

We built ATLAS using a combination of tools we've built and used in the past
to capture and distill scan traffic, lightweight honeypots for insights into
what's going on, and attack characterizations. As this project progresses
we'll be gathering more information and sharing it with the community, we
hope that you stay tuned.

The public portal is targeted at people with needs similar to my own as an
analyst, and it's designed to give you a simple, high impact view of the
- entity reports about countries, ASNs and hosts launching attacks,
distilling their activities into usable data
- vulnerability and attack reports showing you background info and attack
- service reports showing you vulnerabilities and attacks, as well as
activity sources
- news and analysis
It's designed to put relevant information on the page in front of you when
you need it most and is inspired by intelligence tools from similar fields.

We launched it to help the analyst community, and in the coming weeks and
months we'll be adding features such as community forums so that everyone
can participate, more data sources, and more features. We hope you find it
as useful as we have, and welcome your feedback and use of the site.

-- jose

jose nazario, ph.d. <jose (at) arbor (dot) net [email concealed]>
senior software and security engineer
Arbor Networks
v: (734) 821 1427
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