Re: Honeyd - ports not opening Feb 20 2007 04:25AM
Mark C (vedasx gmail com)
Thanks for the reply, Josh.

I'm running FC5, and I chose to disable the firewall as well as
SELinux during install. A quick glance shows that that iptables isn't
running. I also experienced the same behavior in Ubuntu 6.06 (which
I'm more familiar with - and I KNOW a local firewall/SELinux weren't
to blame) :(


On 2/19/07, Joshua Gimer <jgimer (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:
> Is there a host based firewall running that is blocking the desired ports?
> I would also check to make sure that SELinux is not running.
> Just some suggestions.
> Thanks
> Josh

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