Know Your Enemy: Web Application Threats Feb 24 2007 09:11PM
Ryan thebillygoatcurse com
The Honeynet Project & Research Alliance is pleased to announce the
release of a new paper "Know Your Enemy: Web Application Threats".
This technical white paper provides behind the scenes information on
various HTTP-based attacks against web applications, including remote
file inclusion and exploitation of the PHPShell application. The paper
is based on the research and data collected from the Chicago Honeynet
Project, the New Zealand Honeynet Project and the German Honeynet
Project during multiple honeypot compromises.

The paper is available at http://honeynet.org/papers/webapp

Along with the release of this paper, comes new functionality to the "Google
Hack" Honeypot (GHH), used extensively in the paper. GHH now includes an
automated malware collection function, as well as remote XML-RPC logging for
SSL support. GHH is available at http://ghh.sourceforge.net.

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