Malware Capture - TAIPS-net Feb 26 2007 05:03PM
Nelson Williams (ngamazo segurmatica cu)

To promote the capture of malware we have created TAIPS-net. TAIPS-net
merges the honeywall project and nepenthes project. The objective is to be
able to deploy several sensors with the traffic analysis functionality of
honeywall and the malware capture functionality of nepenthes in one machine,
without the demands of the three network interfaces (needed by honeywall)
and without installing virtual machines and third operating systems.
The modifications allow to honeywall working in a mode called single_mode
that allows him to work with only one network interface card and with
capture functionality.

The project is GPL respecting the honeywall and nepenthes licenses.

The site is for now only in Spanish.



http://www.segurmatica.cu/ click in "Manual de TAIPS-net v0.1"

Thanks in advance.

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